Mayor calls on developers to tour Woodlake

(Rigo Moran)

Rudy Mendoza invites real estate, commercial developers to explore Woodlake’s small-town charm and offer networking opportunities through guided tour

WOODLAKEMayor Rudy Mendoza has decided to showcase the town’s charm and investment potential to real estate and commercial developers by giving them a guided tour of the town of Woodlake.

Local real estate and commercial developers have an opportunity to step into the heart of the Woodlake community on Thursday, May 9 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Woodlake Community Center, located at 145 S. Magnolia. Attendees can enjoy wine and appetizers while mingling with various industries and developers with an interest in the town.

“It’s really geared towards more of the real estate industry and folks that work in economic development,” Mayor Mendoza said. “Woodlake offers a different quality of life that’s unique to the Central Valley, and I want to give folks that are interested in small town charm and vitality.”

The event includes a guided bus tour to view Woodlake’s notable stops, their botanical garden project, Antelope Creek Park and their residential subdivisions along the way. The event will conclude the night with refreshments at Munchies Cafe, located adjacent to one of Woodlake’s establishments, the Valley Pure cannabis dispensary.

The tour, which was Mendoza’s idea, is intended to be mutually beneficial by showing people who may be interested in investing in the community the appeal of the town.

“It’s for anybody wishing to invest in our community from a business standpoint, or (who’s) just looking for a new place…they can call home,” Mendoza said.

Through this tour, Mendoza wants to show attendees life on the eastern stretch of the county with a tour through several residential and commercial developments, offering a firsthand look at small-town amenities.

(Rigo Moran)

“We will give them a look at what we have to offer from not only, the beautiful scenery that they get to see every day, but to experience the life of a small town that is very vibrant, and has a lot going for it in terms of not only social activities, but opportunities for quiet, safe living conditions,” Mendoza said.

The tour will be an opportunity to see Woodlake up close and personal beginning with a meet and greet reception at the new Woodlake Community Center. At the meet and greet, those in development will get the chance to meet and discuss the community of Woodlake with local service clubs, businesses and local city government.

“It’s our way of engaging folks that would not otherwise either know about Woodlake, or who just haven’t been to Woodlake in a while and don’t know about all the wonderful things that we have to offer,” Mendoza said

Mendoza said this tour could be the first of many if the night proves to be beneficial.

“We decided to put this event together just to see (how it goes). Really its pilot program, it’s something that we could do more often and further down the road,” Mendoza said. “It’s our way of engaging folks that would not otherwise either don’t know about Woodlake, or who just haven’t been to Woodlake.”

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