Lindsay welcomes new finance director, city clerks

Lindsay’s City Hall clock tower in Lindsay, Ca.(Rigo Moran)

New finance director, city clerks join Lindsay administration amidst ongoing staffing changes and search for permanent city manager

LINDSAY – The city of Lindsay welcomed new hires in key administrative positions as they continue their search for a permanent city manager among other positions.

After months of searching, the city of Lindsay recently hired a new finance director, Lacy Meneses; city clerk, Megan Peton; and deputy city clerk, Lance Rowell. Meneses started working for the city on May 13 while Peton and Rowell started April 15. 

“Lacy, she’s hit the ground running, so we couldn’t ask for anything more,” Acting City Manager Armando da Silva said.

According to da Silva, Meneses has experience working in finance at multiple school districts. She also has experience as a former finance director at a local nonprofit. Da Silva believes her experience working for the school district will be especially helpful to the city.

“The school system and the public sector kind of go hand in hand. Of course, a school has more grant fundings, compared to the city, so we’re hoping with her experience in grants and managing those types of funds will help with the city city’s grant applications and bring in extra funds for city projects,” da Silva said.

He continued by explaining that the other new hires are also bringing lots of valuable experience to Lindsay.

“Both of them (Rowell and Peton) have actually been perfect fit,” da Silva said.

Peton was previously the deputy city clerk for the City of Tulare, which da Silva said made her transition into her new role quick and smooth.

“There’s really no training with her, she already knows pretty much everything,” da Silva said. 

He explained that Rowell has a background in Human Resources and is currently helping Lindsay’s HR department in their search for other roles, one of which is a permanent city manager.

“He’s helping out right now with the HR division and helping out with everything in the city manager’s office too,” da Silva said “But his biggest thing right now is HR; helping with the hiring process with all the new positions, interviews and ongoing HR Items.”

He said that the city will be holding their first round of interviews for the city manager position on May 23 before they hold their second round of interviews.

“Hopefully, we choose somebody and start the process,” da Silva said. “It takes about a month so I’m hoping by July, we have somebody in place and working.”

The city of Lindsay has been operating without a permanent city manager since previous City Manager Joe Tanner was put on administrative leave on Dec. 12, 2023. It wasn’t much longer after that the city announced they had terminated there finance director Salvador Guzman and their long time police chief Rick Carrillo.

Since then, a number of other staff members departed from the city, including the director of city clerk, deputy city clerk, assistant to the city manager, city services and planning, deputy director of city services and planning director.

According to da Silva, the city still has to fill the positions of city services and planning, deputy director of city services, planning director and director of public safety. Anyone interested in the position can apply on the city of Linday’s website

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