Local fire agencies encourage ‘Safe and Sane’ Independence Day

(Rigo Moran)

Fire departments in Tulare County remind residents to be safe this Fourth of July, advise the use of Safe and Sane Fireworks to avoid fines and risks of illegal fireworks

TULARE COUNTY – As preparations for this year’s Independence Day festivities get underway, fire agencies across Tulare County look to inform residents of one thing: only Safe and Sane Fireworks, available at authorized booths throughout the county and its cities, are legal.

Local fire agencies state that it is important to distinguish between Safe and Sane Fireworks, which are authorized for use, and illegal fireworks, including those that launch into the air or that explode. These illegal fireworks, commonly known as mortars, firecrackers, cakes or rockets, pose risks to public safety.

The use of illegal fireworks pose serious risks such as preventable fires and injuries, and offenders will face fines and potential jail time. With the growth of seasonal grasses and vegetation, the fire agencies affirm that the risk of fireworks starting fires is high, as the combination of hot, dry weather conditions and combustible materials creates a potentially hazardous situation. 

To avoid this possibility and address concerns around it, local fire agencies are aiming for countywide public outreach and to launch an education campaign. The campaign’s overarching message, “It’s Just Not Worth It, Skip the Fine,” aims to educate residents about the dangers of illegal fireworks and the consequences of their use. Enforcement efforts will be intensified, with residents urged to report any illegal fireworks activity through their local city or town processes.

With upcoming Independence Day festivities, local fire agencies encourage residents to leave fireworks to professionals by attending local celebrations throughout Tulare County. Fire agencies remind residents to practice safe usage and supervise children closely, as accidents can happen unexpectedly and in an instant.

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