Error message at the polls in Tulare County

Registrar of Voters confirms that six voting machines were down this morning at polling sites in Tulare County


TULARE COUNTY – Residents concerned with digitization of our most democratic process had their fears realized this morning when the Tulare County Registrar of Voters announced that at least six of its 65 voting machines were malfunctioning.

Just before 1 p.m. on March 3, the Registrar of Voters Office was notified by polling staff that some voting machines were down due to software error messaging and not in operation. Election officials confirmed that six of the machines were not working.

“Officials are aware and working diligently with the machine manufacturer to target the error and resolve the problem,” the elections office said in a released statement. “Election Officials are actively gathering information from all 50 polling sites in the County to confirm exactly how many voting machines are being affected.”

The Tulare County Board of Supervisors approved a $1.5 million upgrade and overhaul of its voting system in February 2019 that included the voting machines and an on-demand ballot printer in response to the department’s disastrous election in November 2016. During the 2016 general election, poll sites ran out of provisional ballots for voters who went to the wrong poll site when a perfect storm of last minute voter turn out to the polls, a longer than usual ballot, and changes in election law all led to extra-long lines at the polling sites and delayed results for local candidates and voters.

The Tulare County Registrar of Voters Office is prepared with an ample supply of back up paper ballots allowing everyone arriving at polling sites the ability to vote in today’s primary election. Polling sites will remain open until 8 p.m. tonight.

“The County is committed to properly recording every vote and conducting a secure election,” the Regsitrar of Voters concluded in its statement.

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