Parts of Three Rivers, Cutler, Exeter evacuated due to flooding

Kaweah River floods parts of Three Rivers, levee breaks in Cutler and Yokohl Creek overflows east of Exeter

TULARE COUNTY – As the county continues to get historic levels of rainfall, the much-needed water is coming too fast to contain and flooding many parts of the county.

Just before 5 p.m. on March 10, Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux issued evacuation orders for parts of Cutler and Exeter. The Sheriff ordered business and homes along Road 124 to evacuate after a levee broke south of Avenue 408. The order extends south of Avenue 408 down to Railroad Drive to Santa Fe Drive, which turns into Eddy, from Avenue 407 to Lee Road to Avenue 408. The road is closed at Road 124, south of Avenue 408.

The Sheriff also issued evacuation orders along Highway 198 east of High Sierra Drive to Yokohl Drive due to Yokohl Creek overflowing its banks near Exeter. The order includes businesses and residents along 198 at Road 217, Badger Hill Avenue, Avenue 295 and Eaton Road. Highway 198 is closed to eastbound traffic at Road 196.

These are in addition to earlier evacuation orders for Three Rivers and Springville which are still in effect.

The Kaweah River is flooding near all of the unincorporated community between Lake Kaweah and the entrance to Sequoia National Park. The Sheriff issued an evacuation order for all homes and businesses on North Fork Drive, south of the Baillie Bridge to Sierra Drive (Highway 198); all homes and businesses on South Fork Drive, north of Conley Bridge to Sierra Drive (Highway 198); all homes and businesses along the Middle Fork, Sierra Drive (Highway 198) to the National Park Boundary, including Mineral King Road. He has also recommended sheltering in place for those living on North Fork Drive, north of the Bailey Bridge and all homes on South Fork Drive, south of the Connelly Bridge.

The Tule River is overflowing along its southern banks in Springville, where evacuation orders included homes and businesses from the Lower Rio Vista east of Bridge Drive to east of Pleasant Oak Drive on Highway 190. This will include all roads, access roads and areas in between. Not included is Pleasant Oak Drive.

A “shelter in place” order has also been issued for areas of Springville and Pine Flat. The order includes homes along Manter Meadow Road in Pine Flat due to a bridge washout. The road is closed at Manter Meadow and Capinero Creek. A bridge failure along Wagner Drive at Harris Road north of Springville is causing a Shelter in Place order. And Residents along Balch Park Road, northeast of Yokohl Valley Drive, should shelter in place due to a damaged bridge on Balch Park Road just east Yokohl Valley Drive.

Evacuation warnings were issued in Ponderosa and along the Kings River in northern Tulare County and the Kern River in southern Tulare County. The Ponderosa warning includes all businesses, homes and structures within the community, and all roadways, Forest Service Roads, access ways attached to Mountain 107 (also known as the Western Divide Highway) north of Mountain Road 50, and south of Highway 190.

The warning along the Kings River includes homes and businesses along the river from the Freno County line to the Kings County line. Sheriff Boudreaux has also issued a shelter in place for homes and businesses from County to Mountain 50.

Emergency Shelters and Evacuation Points

Tulare County has established Emergency Shelters and Temporary Evacuation Points (TEP) for those in need of shelter, resources and information regarding the recent storms. They are open and available for Tulare County residents:

Shelter and TEP: Exeter Veterans Memorial Building 
324 N. Kaweah Ave. 
Hours: Open 24 hours a day 
Shelter and TEP: Porterville College Gym
100 E. College Ave. in Porterville
Hours: Open 24 hours a day
TEP: Dinuba Memorial Hall
249 S. Alta Ave. in Dinuba
Hours: 7:30 a.m. – Midnight Friday

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