Identity thief claims to be Exeter Police officer

Man is calling people claiming to be an officer in order to obtain their personal information

EXETER – A man claiming to be an Exeter Police officer is calling local residents in an effort to steal their identity.

Over the weekend, Exeter Police Department reported a Tulare County resident received a phone call on Aug. 6 from a person identifying himself as an officer with the Exeter Police Department. The caller told the victim her daughter had been in a terrible accident, and then attempted to obtain personal identifying information from the victim. Fortunately, the victim did not provide any information and the caller disconnected. It was subsequently determined to be a fraudulent call.

The Exeter Police Department would like to remind everyone that you should never provide any sort of personal identifying information over the phone, and you should be naturally suspicious regarding claims made by any person who calls you.

“Unfortunately, identity theft is frequently occurring and we must all remain vigilant, and protect our personal information to guard against becoming a victim,” the department said in a released statement.

If you ever receive a phone call from a person identifying themselves as a law enforcement officer, the Exeter Police Department offered a few easy steps to help confirm their identity. Ask for the caller’s information and their agency. Once you have this information, advise the caller you will call them back through their agency. Then, find the information for that agency on your own through either an internet search or the phone book (if you still have one of those) and call the number you find, not the number provided by the caller. You can then confirm the employment of the caller and ask to be transferred to him/her.

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