Tulare fugitive found in Mexico

The Sun-Gazette

Anonymous vacationer in Cabo San Lucas tips off Tulare police on Alicia Espinosa’s whereabouts in Mexico

TULARE – Some have said that Mexico is sending murderers north of the border. But in this case, we allegedly sent them one of ours.

Alicia Espinosa
23 years old

Late Sunday the Tulare Police Department announced that they captured fugitive Alicia Espinosa, 23, who fled south to Cabo San Lucas after officers located victim John Albers, 55, dead in his home. Detectives in Tulare received a call from an anonymous person vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico advising he had contact with Espinosa. The anonymous person advised he searched her name on Facebook and found that she was a person of interest regarding the city’s homicide investigation.

Detective’s worked with the Tulare County District Attorney’s office and had the case filed, which resulted in an extraditable warrant for Espinosa’s arrest.

Detectives contacted the U.S. Marshals service and learned that Espinosa was arrested in Cabo San Lucas, on unrelated charges. Those charges were not announced as of press time. Arrangements were made and Espinosa was extradited and flown to the Los Angeles Airport and the U.S. Marshals turned over Espinosa to the Tulare Police Detectives on Thursday, Nov. 12.

She was later booked at the Tulare Police Department and then booked into the Tulare County Jail.

Albers died after suffering severe trauma and was declared dead at the scene. The details of Albers death were not released in their most recent report. Shortly after identifying Albers police reported that Espinosa has ties to Tulare, Visalia, Las Vegas, and Henderson, Nev.

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