Porterville man convicted of beating woman

Dylan Snow faces up to nine years in prison for slapping, punching and cutting a woman in 2019

PORTERVILLE – Just after domestic violence awareness month, one Porterville man was convicted for hitting his significant other.

According to the Tulare County District Attorney’s office, a jury convicted Dylan Snow, 26, of felony corporal injury to a spouse or girlfriend with the special allegation that the act caused great bodily injury.

On Sept. 25, 2019, Snow was invited over to the female victim’s apartment. While at the apartment, an argument began between the two. The argument moved into her bedroom, where Snow became aggressive and began pushing on her. She tried to leave, but Snow followed after her into the hallway, where he slapped her in the face. Snow continued to push and punch her as the two moved throughout the apartment.

A neighbor who was out walking her dog heard the screaming and fighting. As she investigated the noise, she observed the victim on her hands and knees, crawling out the front door, screaming for help and bleeding from a 3-inch laceration to her head. The neighbor observed Snow standing over the victim, pulling on her and her hair, trying to drag her back inside. She heard him telling her to “shut up” and “come inside.” The neighbor shouted at Snow to stop, and she pulled out her phone to call 9-1-1. As the neighbor was on the phone, Snow fled the scene. Porterville Police Department officers apprehended him a short time later.

Sentencing is scheduled for Jan. 13, 2022, where Snow faces up to nine years in state prison.

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