Firefighters save Visalia woman trapped in burning building

Visalia Fire Department saves a woman stuck in her apartment amidst a fire that caused major damage to one apartment, smoke damage to another

VISALIA – Before extinguishing the hazard, Visalia firefighters rescued a woman from the apartment fire by breaking through her door.

Just before 10 a.m. on Thursday April 27, Visalia Fire Department (VFD) firefighters were called to an apartment complex on fire in the 200 block of NE 2nd Street. Dispatch told firefighters there were reports of people trapped on the second floor. When this information was dispatched, an additional fire unit began responding to the scene. When crews arrived, they found a split-level apartment building with smoke coming out of the back of the complex.

The people on the second floor managed to escape, but crews were told there was a woman trapped in an apartment on the first floor. Visalia Police Department officers arrived and helped fire personnel break down the door to the woman’s apartment. Firefighters made their way into the apartment and put out the fire. They found the woman and were able to rescue her.

American Ambulance of Visalia was on scene and took the woman to a local hospital. Fire crews checked the remaining apartments and completed the extinguishment of the fire. The fire caused major damage to one apartment and smoke damage to one other apartment.

The cause of the fire is currently under investigation. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Visalia Fire Department at 559-713-4266.

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