Gladys Hood Chabre was born in New Mexico on Dec. 24, 1912. She passed away on July 12, in the late evening and she is now blessedly at peace in afterlife. She was a devoted Christian and should be in heaven by now.

She was a remarkable woman. Born in New Mexico and raised in California during the depression, her mother encouraged her to go to school. She graduated from UCLA in 1934. She moved to Tehachapi Calif. in 1938, where she taught school and met and married Pierre Chabre. They had two children Virginia Chabre and Jane Dutton. She is survived by her two daughters and by five grandchildren, Deanna Brockman, Zachary Dutton, Sarah Yates, Cammile Dennie and Ammie Dutton, each of whom will never forget her.

Gladys taught school for 37 years -- 35 of them in Tehachapi. She was an inspiring teacher, putting in many extra hours; but her amazing energy demanded that she expand her life into many other areas: she loved to sing and sang in the Community United Church of Christ every Sunday.

She loved to bake and was famous for it. She sewed with a professional touch. She cooked wonderful family dinners every night. She pushed handcrafts into the area of true art (an example of her art has been displayed at the Weels Elementary School Auditorium: a Venitian glass mosaic mural depicting the history and seasons of Tehachapi, which she designed). She wrote many "letters to the editor" staunchly promulgating her very democratic beliefs. She continued her education and received a masters degree. Her endeavors were honored when she was invited to become a member of the prestigious Delta Kappa gamma sorority and was eventually elected as its president.

Gladys retired in 1976, and began a life of volunteerism for the Guild of the Tehachapi Hospital. She approached her new job with her usual enthusiasm and helped countless people in countless ways. She helped to form and served as the Chairman of, the Guild's Tele-Care unit for 45 years. When she moved to Lindsay in 1984 to be closer to her family, she volunteered her services in the Hospital Guild there.

There will be a memorial for Gladys on Sunday Oct. 10 at the United Methodist Church in Lindsay.

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