Obituary: Maryl K. Kissick

Maryl K. Kissick

Maryl Kenneth Kissick, age 87, passed away peacefully from Parkinson’s Disease on Wednesday Feb. 20, 2019, at Stayman Estates in Napa, California.

He was born on May 4, 1931 in Lindsay, California and was a longtime resident of the Napa area. Maryl founded Kissick’s Wind Machines in 1974 in Saint Helena and installed and maintained many of the wind machines in and around the Napa Valley.

He is survived by one son, Steven Kissick, and his daughters, Sandra Henry, Connie Johnson and Debbie Clark; eight grandchildren; fourteen great-grandchildren; and three great-great-grandchildren. Maryl was spread over the bay on Feb. 26, 2019.

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