Creed Screed: Storms and Blessings


By Paul Leavans

The disciples were awestruck at the power of Jesus. “Who is this?” they asked. “Even the wind and waves obey him!” (Mark 4:41). If we had been in the boat with Jesus that night, we would have learned some important lessons about the Christian life.

All people experience storms- even those who travel with Jesus.

Having Jesus in their boat did not exempt the disciples from being battered by a ferocious storm. At the end of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus told about two men who built houses-one on the rock, the other on the sand. A horrendous storm arose and beat on both houses. The man who built wisely did not escape from the tempest. The difference was in the foundation of the house, not in the severity of the storm.

Christ accompanies us through the storms, even though it may appear he is unconcerned.

The disciples awakened Jesus and asked impatiently, “Don’t you care?” We can understand their reaction. When storms threaten us, we wonder why God doesn’t do something. Some years ago a 24-day-old baby died suddenly of “crib death.” Naturally, the parents, who were new Christians, were devastated. We prayed that they would hold on to their faith. Within a week the young, grief-stricken father received news that his dad, a man in his late forties, had drowned. Was God paying attention?

Jesus does care. The Lord wasn’t asleep in the boat because of lack of concern — he was asleep because of lack of request. The disciples relied on their nautical expertise to save them. Only after their own efforts proved futile did they call on Jesus.

In our pride we think we can handle almost any situation ourselves. But what we need to do is call upon the Lord for help at the first disturbance.

Maturity comes from enduring the storms, even though we would prefer to avoid them.

When this ordeal was over, the disciples were more aware of the deity of Jesus. They would remember this incident and be strengthened by its memory for the rest of their lives.

Think and Consider

  1. What has been the biggest storm in your life? What changed as a result of the storm?
  2. When a storm blows into your life, do you usually respond like the disciples when they (a) tried to cope by themselves? (b) wondered why Jesus wasn’t doing anything? (c) frantically begged him for help? (d) were awed by the way he worked?
  3. Think of a potential storm that may be brewing ahead. When you pray about it, what will you ask for?

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