Gardening Guru: Holiday Gifts for the Gardener

By Penye Cushing
UCCE Master Gardener

Dear Santa,

I’ve been really good this year. So, I thought I would help you with a few hints of what I’d really love to have. I get so much joy from my garden and all the beauty it brings…and I am so easy to please, really!!

Let’s start with tools that would help me work smarter.

  • Bypass shears (built for smaller hands if needed).
  • A new large water bottle that keeps drinks extra cold.
  • Tough gloves with a gauntlet for pruning and trimming prickly plants. These would be very helpful and protect my arms from thorns.
  • Garden cart with pneumatic tires to haul anything and everything. Drop-down sides would be special! And could you paint it red, Santa dear?
  • Ratchet style orthopedically-designed clippers for tired hands to work a little longer dead-heading.
  • Trug of any size and color! Love these carry-alls to haul all my stuff around or fill with waste. So perfect!
  • Clog-free rake with closed plastic tines. These beauties work hard with no more jammed tines during yard chores.
  • Bucket with outside apron to hold all my necessities. This allows me to keep all my stuff together. I get so tired of running back to get something I need/forgot.

How about material to improve our soil and preserve moisture?

  • Truck load of compost or mulch – really!
  • Sacks of potting soil, or a gift certificate to use when I need garden supplies.

Ideas for adding a special personal touch to the yard both day and night are fun.

  • Solar lights that can be planted, hung or stuck up on a wall. So many designs available, even ones that change colors.
  • Stepping stones with designs on them. And maybe a helping hand to place them.
  • Stone lantern to enhance a beauty spot.
  • Deep-tone wind chimes can be so Zen, and the neighbors will love them, too.
  • Plant stand on wheels for mobility.

Something to help us get through the cold, dark days of January like:

  • Summer-blooming bulbs, such as gladioli, calla lilies, dahlias, tuberous begonias, and crocosmias, for planting after the holidays have passed.
  • Books! On butterflies and birds. Stories of nature. Gardens around the world. Gardens with specific themes.
  • Feeders for hummingbirds/larger seed eaters/squirrels, too. Don’t forget a supply of feed to complement your thoughtfulness.

There, did that help? I know how busy you are these days. This list should be helpful for whatever your budget is this year. Made you some zucchini bread for your journey. XXOO.

You can find the Master Gardeners every Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon at the Farmer’s Market in the Visalia Sears’ parking lot on Mooney Boulevard.

To contact the Tulare/Kings Master Gardener Program, call 559-684-3325, e-mail [email protected] or write to 4437 S. Laspina St., Suite B, Tulare, CA 93247.

This column is not a news article but the opinion of the writer and does not reflect the views of The Foothills Sun-Gazette newspaper.

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