Letter to the Editor: Visitor still impressed with Exeter 15 years later

Dear Editor, and to the people of Exeter,

Fifteen years ago, Aug. 20, 2003, I wrote a letter to the people of Exeter providing you with an outsider’s view of your community. I was so impressed with the people operating your businesses and schools, your community leadership, and the many friendly people I met on the streets. I continue my weekly visits and continue to experience the same warm small town atmosphere that makes you so unique. I have yet to find another city that possesses what you have created.

My amazement at what I find here continues. My latest discovery is the pilates/yoga studio located at 121 East Pine Street. My granddaughters, daughter, and wife recognized that at age 82 perhaps I was slipping physically. They were concerned about the number of times I was viewing the world from a prone position or maybe the concern was how I got there.

Much prodding and many suggestions led me to consider the idea of doing something about the problem. That led me to the pilates/yoga studio on Pine Street. What a discovery! The program developed for me brought new life to an old body and a significant change mentally.

Again, the person providing the service has been the key to my success.

Everyone would profit from the same experience that I have had. Those of us who have advanced in years need to continue to be active and do what is necessary to maintain good balance, flexibility and core strength. That is an absolute! Oh, it also does wonders for your golf game.

As I wrote in 2003, appreciate what you have in your community. Take every opportunity to express your appreciation for what you have and to those who make Exeter a community. As a visitor, I am very fortunate to visit such a exceptional place. Thank you!


Ron Buenafe

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