Letter to the Editor: Gubler’s representation will benefit all

Gubler’s representation will benefit all

Dear Editor,

Rarely do I publicly endorse a political candidate, but now we have a candidate that is very worthy of endorsement. I have known Visalia Mayor Warren Gubler and his family for many years, and we are fortunate that a person with such integrity, intellect and compassion has decided to run for the 26th District of the State Assembly. Seldom does a candidate possess such an impressive array of important skills and character traits to hold public office, but Mayor Gubler certainly does.

As mayor, and even before holding public office, he has demonstrated a history of honesty, approachability, compromise, and fiscal responsibility—all of which make him the best candidate.

I look forward to Mayor Gubler’s election and know his representation in the state assembly will benefit us all and make us proud. He has proven himself to be up to the challenge and my wife, Laraine, and I will proudly cast our votes for Warren Gubler for assembly. I urge you to consider doing the same.

Terry L. Ommen

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