City of Exeter Urges Yes vote on Prop 3

Dear Editor,

Water is an issue for every county, every town, and every household, particularly in the San Joaquin Valley, which is why the City of Exeter supports Proposition 3. California has limited water resources and ensuring we have sufficient water supplies and the infrastructure needed to deliver it is a priority for local government. Over 80% of water quality and water supply costs are born at the local level by our cities, counties, and special districts. Proposition 3 will provide numerous critical grant funding opportunities that will allow us to maintain our existing infrastructure and improve local resilience to droughts and water supply fluctuations. Proposition 3 will help protect our communities from fire, invest in our landscapes and watersheds, and help our local agencies, and I highly encourage you to vote Yes on Proposition 3 in November.

Dominic Figueroa

Prop 3 Campaign Coordinator

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