Letter to the Editor: Lindsay Council Disappoints

Dear Editor,

As a resident of Lindsay, I like this small community and I care about its people. However, there have been some governing practices of the Lindsay City Council which concerns me for our City and her people.

With limited space, I don’t have the luxury to fully express my dismay of several decisions made by the council in the past three years which reveals a trend; however I will address the two most recent which have greatly disappointed me.

First, I wish to publicly express my appreciation to Virginia Loya and the Chamber of Commerce for all the work and success of Friday Night Market (FNM) which you have brought to Lindsay since its inception. Thank you.

Upon hearing of the Lindsay City Council 3-2 vote awarding Jimora Enterprises of the FNM, my heart was saddened for the Chamber, and disappointed in the Council.

Delinquent payments, whether personal or business is never good on anyone’s report; yet there are many of us who have experienced financial strains, which at times can’t be helped, and we become in-need of extended mercy or grace from those we owe.

I know what that feels like and I applaud the Chamber’s true effort to bringing their account from ($20,000) to less than ($7,000). And if they would have been granted such grace of a second chance, I would only imagine that this experience would bring an even greater diligence in record-keeping within the Chamber.

However, such grace was not extended. Why that disappoints me with the Council, it reveals the character of those governing our city and the way they do business.

I can’t help but be reminded of the grave mismanagement of our 1/2-cent tax increase, which is set for a period of 30 years, to go towards Measure R, and how the city of Lindsay took liberties with over a million dollars and wrongfully used it elsewhere. And as I recall one council member being indignant that the Board of Supervisors were not willing to ‘excuse’ their wrong; even though they did extend grace to the City of Lindsay to work-out-a-plan to repay most over a period of time.

So we have a City Council who was guilty, whether in-part, past members and some current, who purposely used restricted taxpayer funds wrongfully and deceitfully; as the reading of the Measure clearly states that they are ‘restricted’ funds. Elementary reading.

And now the Council finds itself sitting on the opposite side; facing a delinquent debtor who has acknowledged and taken responsibility by showing good faith in payment of said debt.

The response from the Council to Ms. Loya and the many residents plea to please leave FNM in the capable hands of the Chamber, sadly, was coldly and harshly felt…no grace in this arena.

Secondly, the ink isn’t even dried, and the Council is running full-speed ahead with decision to implement marijuana dispensaries in downtown Lindsay. Those leading this city down such a path will prove to be a grave detriment to your residents, and to our City.

Marijuana dulls the mind, changes the person, and is truly a gateway into other drug use; as it desensitizes you into taking another step into another addiction where darkness and despair awaits to engulf you.

Greed always brings tunnel vision. The outcome is far-reaching; as many lives are affected by the decisions in which you govern our City.

I am sorry to all residents, and my heart is grieved for what I am witnessing of the governing of our City.

I pray for us all.

Patsy K. Miller

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