Guest Editorial: Caring for Others Is the Prescription for a Healthy Community

By Ed Ammon
Adventist Health

The mission of Adventist Health is simple but earnest: Living God’s love by inspiring health, wholeness and hope. It informs every decision we make from patient care to business development. It has been the guiding light for one of our best recent decisions, which was to establish Adventist Health in the city of Tulare and reopen the hospital. 

Now that we are serving Tulare residents, we are committed to doing even more to reach patients who may not have access to the services the hospital provides. We understand that there are residents without traditional homes, or without insurance or transportation or enough money to plan further than today’s meal or tonight’s need for safety and security. We understand that these residents may not get the care for themselves or their families unless we are willing to provide it. 

For those reasons, we look forward to hosting a health clinic Saturday and Sunday, May 4-5, with Life Hope Centers, a Seventh-Day Adventist Church mission, to care for this underserved population. Through an all-volunteer team, including volunteer dentists, vision specialists and medical professionals, Life Hope Centers health clinics provide dental care, vision care and limited medical and health-related services at no cost to the recipient. 

Volunteer dentists will perform cleanings, extractions and fillings; vision-care experts will screen patients for eye disease and fit them for eyeglasses, which will be provided at no cost; and basic health screenings will be provided to find those patients whose health may be at risk so that a plan for care can be established. 

Services will be provided on the hospital grounds on a first-come, first-served basis to adults in need, many of whom have been identified with the help of our local church partners who will also join us that weekend. By providing services to those most in need and least able to afford it, we reduce the pressures on our emergency rooms, improve the quality of life for these residents and provide a foundation for security for the entire community. Our hope is that recipients will have their most urgent needs fully met on that day. 

We also hope that this will be the first of many such clinics supported by our community. We welcome everyone with just a bit of time to spare to join us in making this worthwhile project a success for Tulare. 

Compelled by our mission to live God’s love by inspiring health, wholeness and hope, we will transform the health experience of our communities by improving physical, mental and spiritual health; enhancing interactions; and making care more accessible and affordable.

Through the engagement of our volunteers and church partners, this inaugural health clinic will provide an outlet for caring that aligns with the mission of Adventist Health while creating a stronger, more supportive and healthier community for all Tulare residents. Ed Ammon is the Executive for Mission Integration, Central California Region at Adventist Health. 

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Ed Ammon is the Executive for Mission Integration for Central California Region at Adventist Health.

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