Letter to the Editor: Support for Larry Micari for supervisor

Dear Editor,

I’ve lived in Tulare County all my life and I currently live in District 1. Over the years we have had some excellent county supervisors who were accessible and responsive to their constituents by listening to their concerns, answering tough questions and being a strong voice for our community. Unfortunately, this hasn’t been my experience in recent years. I live in an unincorporated, rural area of Tulare County and even though my issues and concerns are different than those who live within the city limits, they are no less important. We need someone who will listen and work for all their constituents. I know Larry to be a man who listens, finds solutions and gets things done. He’s the man I want in county leadership. My wife and I are proud to endorse Larry Micari for Tulare County Supervisor, District 1.

Mike and Jessica White
Lemon Cove

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