Letter to the Editor: Support for Robyn Stearns for District 1 supervisor

Dear Editor,

As I drove through Ivanhoe the other day, my spirits raised when I saw a Robyn Stearns campaign sign visible from Ave 328.

Robyn Stearns is currently running for Tulare County Board Supervisors, District 1.

 “Oh look!” I said to my family, “to bring hope to the small towns, someone we can trust, who has experience when it comes to making towns better.”

On January 14th at 210 Connect, the crowd gasped in reaction to the answer Stearns gave when she said how much she spent on her last campaign for Exeter mayor.


Stearns said to the standing room only forum that she won her council seat without spending a dime because the people of Exeter knew that she cared about the public. Stearns also never has worked for Tulare County, she has no personal ties with them, which she also brought up at the forum.

This made me realize, as a mother of three who wants great funding for her parks and library—votes should be based on a person’s actions, not on the width and length of their campaign signs.

That’s why I wanted to write and not post this to the feed. Sometimes we need to read in black and white that our votes matter, especially when it comes to Tulare County.

Your voice matters, your feedback counts so represent by showing up March 3rd and vote for Robyn Stearns.

Jessica Rivera

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