Letter: Kuyler Crocker doesn’t seek the limelight and deserves your vote

Dear Editor,

I became concerned about a situation that exists involving Tulare County employees. While I am very private person, I believe in fairness.

The issue that I am concerned about is a satiation that was created by a policy that our county has toward employees. I became aware of this because it happened to someone that I am very close to. I was so concerned that I called Kuyler Crocker, our District 1 Supervisor. He spent considerable time with me on the phone and because I was so impressed with his compassion and his character, I decided to invite him to my home to discuss that and other situations. While he was very buys, he came to my home and spent a considerable amount of time and didn’t stay longer only because he head a previously scheduled appointment. We discussed some of his ideas and some of my ideas and I enjoyed his ideas and he was very receptive to what I had to say.

I voted for him on the recommendation of a family member and I am glad I did. If he has a problem it is because he does not seek the limelight. I didn’t know he had accomplished so many things. Some of the ideas we discussed are meeting the needs, not the wants of Tulare County because wants are endless and needs should be addressed. For the future he wants to work on gaining more control of our water supply to protect our farmers from the state. He does not want to wait for an emergency should we lose our electric energy because of the poor grid system. He has a concept to address that at very little cost.

While it may seem insignificant to some, he intends to address the poor condition that exists at our cemeteries in Exeter, but it’s not insignificant to the families of the loved ones that have family members in the cemeteries.

I would like to point out that as soon as he got off the phone with me from my initial call, he started addressing my concerns.

Most of you don’t know me, but I hope you can appreciate my endorsement of Kuyler. To give you some idea of the kind of person that I am, I love my 99-year-old mother in law. Thank you,

Harry Petter

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