Notes from Home: Victory Lapse

By Trudy Wischemann

Well, friends, predictably the President took his victory laps last week as the impeachment trial came to a close. Having cowed even the most reasonable Republicans to heel, with only one abstention based on faith (Mitt Romney took his vow before God to serve the Republic seriously), Donald Trump put on quite a show. He was having such a good time of it, in fact, I think he forgot to hold his Presidential self together. By the end of the week we were seeing not only his underwear, but his bare backside. (Was he mooning us?)

I think Nancy Pelosi was right to rip up and toss his State of the Union address. It did not address the State of the Union for one thing, only DT’s “glorious” supposed accomplishments. The normal half-truths had been reduced to 10 or 15 percent at best. And frankly, it was a terrible slap in the face to those who have not benefitted from his policies and instead have been harmed. Maybe some of you playing the stock market are in better shape now than three years ago, but the farmers around me are not, nor the walnut growers just to the west. Many of the real farmers in the Midwest are trying to keep from going under, while the grain corporations and commodities brokers ride the markets’ waves. I’m sure Stuart and Lynda are doing fine.

I can’t comment on the Prayer Breakfast because I didn’t hear it. The very thought of having that irreverent body in the room, pretending to know God, would have killed my appetite.

But he was in full flame by Thursday’s press conference. No script, none needed: it would have turned to ash in his hands. He did the opposite of what any other U.S. President would have done in that moment, after the end of an episode which he himself described as “tearing the country apart.” He made no effort to bring our two sides together, but drove the knife in deeper, as if finishing the kill. He ridiculed anyone who took a stand against him, and didn’t even properly reward some of those who climbed the battlements for him. He just circled the room, taking lap after lap, saying look at me, the winner. There was a 3.4 temblor at the Lincoln Memorial from Abe writhing in his grave.

And then Friday he sent three public servants to the guillotine, including people who had initially supported his rise to Commander in Chief. 

It was a terrible lapse in presidential responsibility. Thursday’s display was a state-supported gala benefitting only the Party of One, and his true colors flew high and proud. Two of our guys were there: Devon Nunes and Kevin McCarthy, and each got their nod. But they had to nod back. “Devon – isn’t that right?” the Master said to our Congressman, which made me feel bad even for him. Point him out as a Yes man while you’re at it.

Which, of course, is what he is, and we can tell Devon what we think about that via our ballots March 3.

So friends, check your ballots, and make sure you’re ready and able to vote. Pride goeth before the fall. That may have been Donald’s last turn at the wheel.

Trudy Wischemann is a former Republican who writes. You can send her your lapsed party memberships c/o P.O. Box 1374, Lindsay CA 93247 or visit and leave a comment there.

This column is not a news article but the opinion of the writer and does not reflect the views of The Sun-Gazette newspaper.

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