Letter to the Editor: A Response to ‘Pray for Water’

Dear Editor,

I am responding to the opinion column written by Trudy Wischemann, “Pray for Water,” published in The Sun-Gazette on Feb. 19, 2020.

I appreciate most of her comments expressed in this column, and the true need to bring it to the forefront of those who are man-handling our sustaining water resources for our people and our farmers who provide food for us all.

Mrs. Wischemann states: “We white folks have had a major hand in storing, moving and pumping the accumulations of rainfall here in California for at least 150 years, it not more.” She refers to them as ‘Rain gods.’ (Which I agree, as they have intercepted that which the Lord God graciously provided for our land, our people, and have manipulated these sustaining resources and diverted much of it to the ocean). However, I don’t agree that to single-out ‘white folks’ is a true representation of ‘all’ who have been a part of these harsh and unacceptable regulations of such important matters affecting each of us in the valley.

I appreciate her ‘call to prayer,’ not only for rain, but for praying for the hearts of those bent on taking from our God-given resources and putting it out-to-sea. Prayer is the greatest source of power that we have on all matters; as the Lord God is the Creator of all things.

The beauty of the timing of the message of the column being published on Feb. 19, was so perfect; as it was also the very day that God chose to bring forth His answer to our plea: Jesus made a way where there seemed no way as President Trump was in Bakersfield and signed an order for the re-directing of the current ‘water plan’ to keeping the water in its purposed place in order to provide for our people and for our land/farmers.

Thank you, Lord God, for answered prayer!

This issue should not be a partisan issue. It is not Republican vs. Democrat vs. Independent vs. Green Party. No! It is a human issue. An issue about the sustaining needs for our people and our land throughout our valley; no matter of political affiliation.

Water is the greatest need and the greatest sustaining resource for life; and to place more importance on a finger-sized fish, the delta smelt, or of a said proposed ultimate harm to the Chinook salmon, is disturbingly difficult to understand how these water gods determine that our lives and livelihood is secondary to the aforementioned. It’s utterly mind-boggling as it makes no sense, and which reeks of immense apathy toward our basic need as humans within our valley!

The water issue has been around for many years, and our state government officials have had valuable and ample time to address and make changes to these serious concerns; however they continue to fail our people of this valley.

President Trump stated, “After decades of failure and delays in ensuring critical water access for the people of this state, we are determined to finally get your problem solved.” He goes on to say, “A major obstacle to providing water for the region’s farmers has now been totally eliminated by the federal government.”

And sadly, in the midst of the ‘Hallelujahs’ of the great relief for the signing of this order, the heart and face of our Governor Newsom, and California Attorney General Xavier Becerra waste no time in making it a face-off with our President; as AG Becerra states: “We’re prepared to challenge the Trump Administration’s harmful attack on our state’s critical ecosystems and environment.” Wow! Really?

This disturbing response is most revealing of our top state leaders toward the people of this valley, reflecting the water gods are not for us!


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