Letter: Accolades for Lindsay Save Mart management

Dear Editor,

We all have our own thoughts surrounding the subject of the mask-wearing mandate, and although my thoughts or beliefs on this subject are not in alignment with the governor, I do realize there are many people who are quite serious about the matter and I respect that.

Even though my views on the subject are what they are, I am compelled to express my great respect and appreciation of what I have witnessed through the leadership of Lindsay Save Mart Store. Even before the pandemic, this store is always most clean and well-stocked with a staff that is pleasant and professional.

Yet during this trying time of COVID-19, this Save Mart, under the leadership of Manager Rick Masquez, has demonstrated an extension of doing all that they can do in order to care for the well-being of their customers, thus, our community; through stationing personnel outside the store to monitor all shopping carts, making sure that each one is sanitized before being used by the next customer.

This added service is admirable and is something that I have not witnessed by any other store, even in surrounding areas.

Thank you, Mr. Masquez, and to your staff for an excellent job in demonstrating your care for all who walk through your doors.

Patsy K. Miller

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