Letter: Kaweah Delta CEO has earned respect of the community

Dear Editor,

Gary Herbst, CEO of the Kaweah Delta Health Care District, has earned my respect and appreciation for his work to provide our community accurate and complete information on COVID-19. During his weekly on-line community forums he answers questions from the community, providing the most current information on what Kaweah Delta is seeing. Gary also provides very helpful information on the efforts Kaweah Delta is making to respond to COVID during this time.

In his most recent session, Gary talked about the increased options for sample collection and testing. For example, he informed those in the most recent community meeting that we will all have more options if we have a need to get tested and several will provide us results in minutes, not days.

I appreciate that he takes time to review what Kaweah Delta’s current caseload is and the current capacity to care for COVID patients. This is a very confusing and anxious time. Gary Herbst and his team at Kaweah Delta are doing a terrific job of providing current and accurate information on what is happening in our community.

Mark Fulmer

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