Letter: Support for Lucia Vasquez to represent VUSD Trustee Area 6

Dear Editor,

As we approach the academic midyear with one new VUSD Board Trustee taking over the seat for Mr. Crabtree and the need to replace Mr. Pope following his recent resignation, Lucia Vasquez is available to assume the vacancy. She is an experienced, highly educated candidate, and one admired by those who reside within Trustee Area 6 vacated by Mr. Pope. Who better to assume the role than the person who lost to Mr. Pope in the last election by only a few votes, was supported by the Visalia Teachers Association, and is knowledgeable about the needs and concerns within the area she resides?

On behalf of the League of Women Voters, I observed the VUSD Board meetings for a year when Lucia served as a Board Trustee. A Trustee’s job is demanding with critical decisions required for each session. Lucia was always well prepared on any of the issues presented, asking key questions, voicing concerns, and providing additional details pertinent to the content. It was evident she sought the absolute best educational programs and opportunities for all students.

As a member of the Coalition Advocating Pesticide Safety, I had the opportunity to work with a group led by several recent University of California graduates, bright, motivated youth dedicated to protecting the health and wellbeing of communities impacted by the dangerous pesticides that have become a part of our agricultural environment. They presented at California State pesticide hearings, national conferences, and successfully sought the removal of Glyphosate from VUSD school grounds. Many credit Lucia for her powerful leadership in their early education.

ACT for Women and Girls also honored Lucia’s efforts in helping to shape young youth as strong leaders within their communities.

As a VUSD teacher for twenty years, I recognize the importance of having Board members who are honored by the youth they have touched, are supported by the trustee area they represent, and are committed to policies that bring out the best in all students.

Lucia Vasquez has the background, compassion, intelligence, experience, and dedication, and is prepared to immediately and effectively serve as a Board of Trustee for VUSD. I hope you will need to look no further for a replacement.

Kathy Falconer

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