Letter to the editor in support of Matt Stoll’s special election campaign

Dear Editor,

I support conservative fighter pilot Matt Stoll in the April 5th, CA-22 special election to replace former congressman Devin Nunes. 

Matt Stoll has impeccable qualifications which make him the ideal leader for the Central Valley.  First, Matt is combat proven in the US Navy, with 20 years of military experience under his belt.  During his military service of 20 years, Matt fought for our country, and was deployed all over the world with 7 total deployments. During his time as a fighter pilot he successfully completed 44 missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, including flying over Baghdad on the first night of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Matt Stoll knows what it means to fight for this country, and that is exactly why he is running for congress. He wants to stand up, and fight against the disastrous Biden/Pelosi/Shumer agenda that is ruining our great Republic. He will fight for our country every day like he did for 20 years in the US Navy; with courage, confidence and civility.  

In addition to being combat proven in the US Navy, Matt is combat proven in the business arena. In a time where inflation has reached the highest levels in nearly 40 years, gas is creeping up to $5 per gallon, and everyday Americans are paying more for necessities, we simply cannot elect another career politician with no real world experience. 

Matt is the owner of three small businesses in Visalia with 18 full-time employees. Matt’s experience as a small business owner navigating the miles of red tape and unelected bureaucrats that California has become synonymous for has prepared him in a way like no other to make tough decisions to improve our commerce. Matt will be able  to balance our nation’s budget, cut wasteful government spending, and fight for fiscal responsibility because he has done so as a successful small business owner. Matt is proof that “small businesses are the backbone of America” as he has stated in multiple interviews and will fight everyday like he did in the US Navy to reduce the burden that the government puts on American small businesses.

Matt’s combined experience as a 20-year Navy veteran fighter pilot, combined with his proven business acumen, will prove him to be the perfect candidate to replace Devin Nunes in the April 5th special election.

Mark Woods

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