Letter to the Editor: Planning for Visalia’s future

Dear Editor,

Visalia is one of the Valley’s most desirable communities thanks to generations of commitment to our General Plan. This living document gives City Council and staff a tiered development strategy that balances residential, commercial, retail, and industrial growth through an anticipated population of 2030. Using the General Plan as the guide for growth keeps our community healthy, while thoughtfully moving forward for future generations. With a vibrant downtown, expanding retail and job growth, this a community we are proud to call home.  Today Visalia remains one of the most affordable communities in California.  We need to continue supporting infill housing and innovative design and encouraging the development of affordable housing needed to keep our growing workforce strong.

Liz Wynn has extensive experience in working through solid planning issues that benefit families and our community. She worked in planning, was certified by the American Institute for Certified Planners, and served on the Visalia Planning Commission for 6 years.  Liz has a unique understanding of planning issues and how they affect our city.  She will look after our community’s best interests and continue the framework for growth that has been so healthy for Visalia. Vote Liz Wynn, District 1 on November 8.  

Peter Carey

Visalia Resident

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