Letter to the Editor

Why no charges for Dr. Kumar?

Dear Editor, 

Why has Dr. Kumar not figured as a defendant in the case, by assisting with the misappropriation of funds from our hospital? He clearly aided and abetted Benzeevi, directed Greene and willfully misdirected the other board members; we members of the public were silenced and ridiculed at board meetings for when expressing our horror and outrage. Kumar also billed Tulare and Lone Pine hospitals for time spent by miraculously being in two places at once. No other board members acted with financial self-interest in this manner. Is his culpability only satisfied by a suit against board liability malfeasance? Kumar is a scoundrel, and should have been included in the investigation by the Grand Jury.

It is inconceivable that Greene is “the last remaining defendant…”


Janet LeBaron

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