Building Wealth Goes Beyond Capital

It is said that money cannot buy happiness. Why is that?

Maybe our mission statement at Harvest Wealth Group says it best: “We empower hardworking people to enjoy the moments that matter.” Our organization believes that there is more to the definition of building wealth than just the value of your bank account.

This is the “secret why” behind everything we do: We believe that accumulating money—and, ultimately, building wealth—should be viewed as a means to do bigger things in your life and in your community, as opposed to building financial wealth being the goal in and of itself.

With these foundational perspectives in mind, what are other things that can help you build more holistic wealth?

Focus on meaningful relationships

After watching television commercials, reading magazine covers, and listening to the radio, it can be easy to be lulled into the belief that money—and the accumulation of more of it—equals happiness. However, deep down, we all know that you can be financially wealthy but still lack connection and joy in relationships with loved ones or even our relationship with our Creator. This wanting can leave us feeling less than fulfilled.

Although money can certainly make sure we have the things we need, life is also about relational capital, which is the currency we use or gain in relationships with others.

This relational capital also has different dimensions: vertical and horizontal. The meaning and connections we build and foster amongst our family, friends, and community extend horizontally, while our relationship with our Creator extends vertically. By giving attention to both dimensions of relational capital, we can build more holistic relationships.

Investing in education and growth

Wealth can enable us to provide and share resources—emotional and financial—with those we care about. When we help others get the education and opportunities they need to succeed, no matter how we choose to support them, we can share in the joy of their progress.

Then, together, our communities can generate more financial and relational capital to share with others. In other words, it is important to remember that wealth is not a zero-sum game; the more we give, the more we can generate together.

Graduated student hugging her father
When we help others get the education and opportunities they need to succeed, no matter how we choose to support them, we can share in the joy of their progress.Adobe Stock
Have an abundance mindset and lifestyle

Finally, it is important to focus inward and give yourself the ability to think optimistically and abundantly about your future, your potential, and your abilities. When you take the time to foster this mindset, it can be another source of wealth that you can share with others.

An abundance mindset can inspire us to continue to work hard for others, allow us to give back even more to others, and even encourage others to see things more optimistically, too. And when our abundance mindset is intertwined with a sense of gratitude, we can stay grounded and humble so we see new opportunities for growth.

Bringing it all together

When we place too much focus on building financial wealth, we can lose sight of what is truly important. Building wealth should be about creating and enjoying “moments that matter” because wealth is truly more than just money.

Garrett German, CFP is owner of Harvest Wealth Group, LLC of Exeter. He may be reached by calling at 559-592-3200, emailing [email protected] or visiting

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