Prays Together: Great Expectations

Zachary Ludden

My wife and I are expecting our first baby and she could literally come at any time!

Day, night, today, tomorrow, next week! We don’t know when. Just thinking about when she would come makes me anxious. I packed a “go bag” in case we had to go to the hospital suddenly. In my anxious frenzy of packing, I packed 2 shirts, socks, a pair of pants, a toothbrush, and two bags of flour. I don’t even remember putting them in there, but when I opened up the suitcase to get my toothbrush, there they were!

I find myself thinking throughout the day about our baby and wanting to see her and hold her. I have a love and a longing to see her. That’s how we feel when we’re expecting something and looking forward to its arrival.

Remember when you were a kid and Christmas was coming? That excitement and longing for the day to arrive. It was the only thing on your mind! All of this leads us into a question… “Are we expecting Jesus’ return? Are we ready for His return?”

This world isn’t going to last forever. Our lives on this earth aren’t going to last forever. But sometimes we just push those thoughts out of our minds. In fact, we may not have thought about it for weeks or even months.

It’s so important that we continually watch and wait for his return. Matthew 24 tells us that no one knows the day that Jesus will return. On that day everyone will be going about their business as usual. His return will be like a thief in the night. Would you know when a thief was going to break in? No, or else he wouldn’t be breaking in because you’d be prepared.

Have you ever seen the movie Home Alone? When the two thieves come in, they are met with resistance the whole way because Kevin knew they were coming. But when Jesus comes, it will be completely unexpected. Like a thief in the night. If you don’t know where your eternal destination will be, don’t wait! Just like our baby, Jesus could come at any time! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go take the bags of flour out of my suitcase.

Footnote: On Oct. 18, Ellyanna Bee Ludden was born to Zachary and Sarah Ludden.

Zachary Ludden is the youth pastor at the Church of Christ. He may be reached by calling 559-592-2909.

Prays Together is a rotating column between the pastors of the First Presbyterian Church of Exeter, Church of Christ of Exeter, Nazarene Church of Exeter, Church of God of Exeter, the New Life Assembly of God and Rocky Hill Community Church as well as the Lemon Cove Presbyterian Church.

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