Staying Focused on Jesus

In today’s relentless rush, the art of stillness has become a rare treasure, often buried under the debris of our bustling lives. Yet, within the sacred space of silence, there lies a profound invitation: “Be still, and know that I am God.” Sure, it’s very profoundly spoken and many of us attempt to follow these beautiful words found in Psalms 46:10. However, If you come right down and think about it, many of us just barely make it to church on time before the opening first song, if we make it at all. We at times rely upon things of the world and get caught up in self-indulgent desires which contradicts the will of God. 

Have you ever reminisced or been reminded of when you first accepted Christ into your life? What happened to that fervent passion for telling others about the joy you obtained through your newfound love for the Lord? Have you become too busy? Or maybe you’re just too tired. I remember like it was yesterday. I was very full of excitement, and felt the need to tell everybody about my excitement. As a matter of fact, I was “voluntold” to preach at Visalia Rescue Mission very early in my Christian walk. I was met with open arms by some, and met with confusion by others. I was also met with resentment.

But do you know something? It was that confusion and that resentment that only pushed me harder. I found it very important to be surrounded by likeminded people who wanted to grow God’s Kingdom. I was bound and determined to win souls, as a matter of fact, I know many of you that reflect my message. You and I want people to know that the power of God and his message can change you inside and out. 

Does the power of the Gospel have what we need to change us? Yes!!! That power has the ability to change what is broken in our lives, in our relationships, and in this world. How do I know? Because he saved a wretch like me. We need to be totally focused on this message. There’s so much in store for us. We need to be focus our attention on what’s important in life. 

The command to “Be still” speaks to us as a mere cessation of activity. It’s an invitation to enter a state of spiritual receptivity where your awareness is solely fixed on the presence and reality of God. This stillness is where the noise of our worries, plans, and the world’s demands fade into the background, allowing God’s voice to become the most distinguishable sound we hear. It’s a discipline that requires intentional practice and focus, especially in a culture that equates busyness with significance. However, the rewards of this practice are immeasurable, leading us to a deeper communion with God and a clearer perception of His guidance and will. 

First, renew your love and dedication to Jesus. Give time each day to loving him. This deepens your union and allows you to draw upon the life of Jesus-within-you. So simple, but most folks don’t even spend five minutes a day to simply pick up the Bible and love Jesus. They don’t know what they’re missing.

Second, create a little margin in your life to allow your soul room to breathe. You can’t just keep slogging on. You have to make room for recovery. It can start with five to ten minutes, in the morning or in the evening. A few evenings each week where you aren’t doing anything. A day off now and then. Let’s reschedule our busy lives to reflect on what is really important, our walk with God.

Prays Together is a rotating faith-based commentary and advice column among the pastors, and guest laypeople, of area churches. 

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