By Nancy Gutierrez

Atto Araguelles is the newest member of the Lindsay Recreational Authority Board. His appointment to the position comes after the resignation of Tom Spurlock.

Arguelles is the representative for Healthy Lindsay Healthy Kids and comes with credentials having participated as a coach for several recreational teams in Lindsay. Arguelles is also the new director of the Providing Linkages for Accomodations and Consistent Education (PLACE) program through Healthy Start.

Atto was properly welcomed at the LRA's meeting on Feb. 5. LRA Commissioner-At-Large Guy Wollenman announced at the meeting that he would be resigning from the board though he did not provide a specific date. Many of the board members encouraged Wollenman to reconsider but he said he wants to make room for other members of the community with a vested interest in the board.

"I want to see the board reflect the true nature of the community," he said.

The commissioner at large is elected through a vote by the LRA appointed board members. Those members are representatives from the city, school district and Healthy Kids, Healthy Lindsay. The names of potential candidates should be submitted to the board prior to their July meeting when the appointed members will vote in the new Commissioner-At-Large.

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