10K Run,

At the annual 10K run at Exeter's Fourth of July Celebration, Galvin Gonzales turned in the day's fastest time finishing in 32 minutes and 58 seconds.

Allison Gonzales was the fastest woman with a time of 43:46. Following are the winners of the different age groups:



Steven Cavazos 33:31

18-24 year old

Jeremy Turner 36:13

25-29 year old

Galvin Gonzales 32:58

30-34 year old

Amador Ayon 42:47

35-39 year old

Alled Dodge 39:42

40-44 year old

Mark Morgan 41:46

45-49 year old

Ed Taylor 43:31

50-55 year old

Ray Hernandez 40:36

56-60 year old

David Hernandez 52:42


Roger Sebert 43:30



Allison Gonzales 43:46

18-24 ear old

Leslie Peacock 46:24

25-29 year old

Heather Crawford 51:14

30-34 year old

Kim Korenwinder 1:04:49

35-39 year old

Shannon Powell 49:00

40-44 year old

Shirley Brodersen 49:14

45-49 year old

Linda Davidson


50-55 year old

Joan Murdock 1:19.35

56-60 year old

Denise Mountain 57:39


Juanita Powell 1:19.33

Horseshoe Tournament

Frank Arroyo, Wayne George and Michael Mejia all too first in the three classes of competition at the annual horseshoe tournament at Exeter 4th of July Celebration.

The following are the results from the tournament:

A Class

1. Frank Arroyo

2. Flash Mathenia

B Class

1. Wayne George

2. Danny Kyle

C Class

1. Michael Mejia

2. Scott Galloway

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