By Tom Price Jr.

For more than a decade the Exeter Boxing Club has made its home at the Exeter Boys and Girls Club and now they are being asked to leave.

Inside a small room on the South side of the facility on the corner of Pine and C Street, the boxing club has crammed an 18 foot by 18 foot boxing ring and two punching bags. Despite the cramped facilities trainer Doug Henderson said the club serves almost 60 patrons, many of which are from the City of Lindsay.

The Exeter Boxing Club isn't the only one feeling crowded though. The Boys and Girls Club had record attendance last month and has started to build toward the future. The increasing demands on the facility have led to the dissolution of their relationship with the boxing club, which was asked to vacate by Oct. 1.

Plans for the facility are already underway for the Boys and Girls Club. Work on a new teen and art center is slated to begin in 60 days.The art center will include a dark room for developing photos.

"The growth has placed an ever increasing demand on the space in our facility," said Exeter Boys and Girls Club Director Joe Engelbrecht. "The boxing club takes up about 20 percent of the facility and the only practical place for the facility is in that corner by the existing plumbing."

Since 1990 the Exeter Boxing Club has used the location free of charge and worked hand-in-hand with the Boys and Girls Club. Henderson remembers when the room had dirt floors, one light and a leaky room and how the boxing club and Boys and Girls Club have grown together.

"I tried to do the best that I could with the program, if [The Boys and Girls Club] have something they need to do to better benefit the kids of the community whatever it is I will do whatever I have to do to make it work," Henderson said. "The thing with me is, if it helps the kids I am all for it."

Henderson has proven that with his tireless work with the club that works closely with fighters of all ages. He even trains two professional boxers, Santiago Rodriguez and Tania Gomez, but it is the young members that he is worried about.

"The professionals and some of the older fighters they will have no problem going to different places to train," Henderson said. "But we have kids who are out here because they just want to be a part of something, have somebody hold a bag for them and encourage them, those are the kids who are going to suffer if we don't find a location."

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