Training is an obstacle for Exeter

By Tom Price Jr.

On the southwest side of Monarch stadium sits a secret to improved health, flexibility, strength and athleticism. There are less than 10 of these secrets in the United States and this secret is available to the entire community.

The secret is an obstacle course called the "vault" that was installed over the summer and is already being used by the physical education students and athletes at the high school.

"There is weakness in everybody's body in balance, usually one side is weaker than the other," Exeter Union High School football coach Robert Dougherty said. "The nature of the course eliminates that disparity. It causes the weak side to work as hard as the strong side. It focuses on stabilization and core strength."

Therapy Solutions Inc., the company that designed the "vault," refer to it as an anatomical development course. The vault requires people to go through the demands of vaulting, running, jumping, climbing, twisting and crawling, which not only conditions athletes it also develops and maintains correct postural alignment.

"Just playing a sport or lifting weights doesn't develop deep structural tissue," said John Lemme, Therapy Solutions Inc. president. "The 'vault' develops the anatomy as a whole and uses it in conjunction with weight training and other training tools."

Dougherty was first exposed to the course in southern California while attending a class in weight lifting required for his certification. At nearby Rancho Buena Vista High School, Dougherty first saw the course, and it didn't take long before envisioning it in Exeter.

"The coach there was very positive about the course. He said it would enhance the P.E. classes and help the athletes get in better shape," Dougherty said. "Basically we came back and said we want to build this what do we have to do?"

Not long after that a surge of community support, led by program supporter Drew Turner, helped the school realize the funds needed to install the course.

"The community truly built this course," Dougherty said.

The community built it so it is only fitting that they can use it. Instruction has already been given to many of the local recreation organizations and demonstrations are available to anybody who is interested in using the course.

If interested in instruction call coach Robert Dougherty at EUHS, 592-2127.

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