A Monarch, A Governor, A Wall of Famer

By Tom Price Jr.

Kenny Guinn's plate is full, but not full enough for him to miss his induction to the Fresno City College's Wall of Fame.

The Exeter native, and current Governor of Nevada plans to attend the 15th Annual Ram Huddle Club's FCC Wall of Fame Dinner at Pardini's in Fresno. The Class of 2004 will have six members, which will bring the total number of Wall-of-Fame members to 100. Guinn played on the 1956 football squad that finished the season 5-3-1.

"I am going to do everything I can to make it to that dinner," said Guinn, who met with the President of the United States last week. "It's not too often that I have the opportunity to get together with old friends."

Guinn, a running back who transferred to Fresno City College after playing a season at the University of Southern California (USC), was a versatile runner who had success both running around the tackles and up the middle. Following a sub-par season at USC he flourished with the Rams leading the team in scoring with five touchdowns and 10 extra points kicked.

"[FCC] was a great interim step for me," Guinn said. "I played more than my fare share at USC, but coming from a school like Exeter I needed an interim step and Fresno City was the perfect opportunity."

Guinn went on to play two more years at Fresno State where he was named the distinguished alumnus in 2001.

Guinn was an obvious choice not only for his accomplishments on the football field, but also for his academic record and post-graduate accomplishments. After acquiring his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Fresno State he obtained a doctorate in Education from Utah State University. He began his career by moving to Clark County in Las Vegas in 1964 where he would eventually have a tremendous impact as the Superintendent of schools. Guinn's tenure came to an end in 1978 but to honor his service the district named a junior high after him.

In the following years Guinn would work as the Vice President at a Savings and Loan, the interim president at a prominent university all grooming him for the position he holds today.

Despite his countless accomplishments and growing list of accolades, Guinn still looks forward to the induction at Fresno City College and is honored by the gesture.

"It is most certainly an honor," Guinn said. "I think they not only select the honorees by what they accomplished in football but also everything they have done."

And there is no question that Guinn is a perfect fit for the Wall.

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