Monarch tennis crushes Cardinals

By Andrea Camarena

Last week opened East Sequoia League play for the girls tennis teams in both Exeter and Lindsay.

The two faced off in their second EYL match last Thursday on the Cardinal's courts. Exeter came out on top 14-4 in their second league victory. The loss brings Lindsay's league record down to 0-2. Lindsay fell to Woodlake on Sept. 7 in their first league match.

Exeter's top two singles competitors, Hannah Heuer and Stephanie Ford came out of the match undefeated against Lindsay's top three. The two, normally the number one doubles team, split for the match against Lindsay in order to spread the wins across the board; a strategy implemented by Exeter Head Coach Jason Welch.

Heuer defeated Lindsay in two rounds of play, battling Lindsay's Ivet Soria down to a 6-3 match and shutting out number two Larissa Watkins 6-0. The Cardinal's Nicole Schiro forfeited her final round of play against Heuer.

In the three rounds of singles play, Lindsay claimed one victory. The Cardinal's Soria defeated Eva Rodriguez, Exeter's number three singles in a grueling 6-4 game.

While Exeter dominated in all three rounds of singles play, the Monarchs did not fair as well in their doubles rounds. Exeter did come out with more wins in the doubles matches but the only pair to end the day undefeated came out of the Cardinal's squad. Exeter's number one doubles, Yadi Leon and Dede Lopez left the courts with wins in all three rounds of play. The pair beat Exeter's number one doubles 6-3, their number two 6-0, and number three 6-1.

This match marks the early portion of the first round of ESL play for both Lindsay and Exeter.

Exeter returned to their home courts on Sept. 14 to face Orosi.

Lindsay hosted another home game on the 14th as well, challenging Dinuba.

Lindsay and Exeter won't see each other again until they enter their second round of ESL matches. Exeter hosts Lindsay on Oct. 5 at 4 p.m.

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