By Andrea Camarena

Cardinal football traveled to Parlier on Friday, Sept.17 where the Panthers dominated for an 18-6 victory over Lindsay. In a third quarter lull, the Cardinal crowd stopped cheering as they watched their team struggle against Parlier's seemingly indestructable offense.

"Hey! Fight to the end, OK?!," cut through the silence as Lindsay head coach Paul Dieterle shouted at his team. Dieterle could be heard from the stands and a roar went through the crowd that seemed to push the Cardinals through their fourth quarter defensive hold against the Panthers.

The Cardinals kicked off the first quarter of the play with aggressive defense led by Andrew Escilera who brought down Panther quarterback Daniel Romero in the second play of the game. But Parlier quickly found a way around the Cardinals as they completed a 50-yard pass in the fourth minute of the game. The Panthers ran the pass in for a touchdown putting themselves on the board with an early lead.

However, the Cardinals managed to foil Parlier's attempt at a two point conversion on the point after. The Cardinals moved to switch into offensive gear but were immediately called for holding on the kickoff return leaving them at their own 13 yard line.

Cardinal quarterback Abel Gamboa threw an incomplete pass on his first throw of the game. Panther Alfonzo Rodriguez picked off his second attempt of the night returning the ball to Parlier and putting them at first and goal.

On a handoff, the Panthers landed back on the Cardinals 2 yard line. On another handoff from Romero, Panther Fidel Cisneros ran the ball into the Cardinal end zone for their second touchdown. The second touchdown came within one minute of play of their first.

With 13 points on the board, Parlier kicked the ball back to the Cardinals.

Gamboa made his presence known as he pushed the ball towards Panther territory. A series of completed passes by Gamboa and successful runs through the Panthers defensive wall by Anthony Gonzalez finally placed the Cardinals on the 33, 20 and finally 15 yard line.

In his first aim at the end zone, Gamboa threw long leaving the Cardinals to try running it through. Gonzalez carried the ball to the 5 yard line putting the Cardinals on the verge of scoring. The Cardinals could not get the ball through the Panthers defensive front.

Gamboa, still struggling to complete a pass attempted to run it in himself but was stopped short on the fourth down, turning the ball over to the Panthers. The Cardinals held the Panthers for most of the quarter showing strong defense. Despite several shut downs against Panther offense, the Cardinals showed signs of breaking down once again as the referees called pass interference against the defense. With 2:07 left on the clock, the penalty put the Panthers just close enough to hand off to Ruben Mendoza who ran it in for Parlier's third touchdown of the quarter.

The game slowed down for the remainder of the half with the Cardinals holding back the tiring Parlier offense.

The Cardinal offense finally felt a break through in the third quarter when Gamboa meneuvered around the Panther offense to hand the ball off to with enough time to hand off to Gonzalez who ran it in to put the Cardinals on the board.

The Cardinals held back the Panthers in the final quarter to close the game at 25-6.

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