Cardinals crushed in homecoming

By Andrea Camarena

With a crowded stadium watching, the Cardinals shook from a painful loss to the Coalinga Horned Toads on Friday night.

Lindsay looked like it might stay in the game as they trailed by only one point in the second quarter. But the team lost sight of a homecoming victory in a disastrous second half that led the team into a 49-13 loss.

Taking their season yardage up to 420, the Horned Toads offense took the ball into the Cardinal endzone on seven occasions.

Coalinga running back, Ron Buckner went for 200 yard rushing on 23 carries and four touchdowns.

The Horned Toads Calvin Cole also helped to tear apart the Cardinal defense as he rushed 123 yards on 14 carries.

In comparison, Lindsay was only able to muster up 125 yards on the ground by the end of the game.

Cardinal quarterback Abel Gamboa put 149 yards of passing in the air.

The stand up moment for the team and its crowd at Frank Skadan Stadium came in the second half as Gamboa threw a pass deep into Horned Toads territory. Coalinga looked for the interception but instead tipped the ball into the waiting hands of John Gonzalez who ran the ball seven yards into the endzone. The touchdown got the Cardinals on the board and the crowd on its feet.

The action didn't slow as the end of the half neared.

On a Horned Toad drive, Gonzalez nabbed an interception that led into the Cardinal's second touchdown of the night.

After a 32 yard gain by way of John Salas, got the ball into the hands of Jorge Silva on a 10 yard pass into the enzone.

The Cardinals missed the kick to put them at 13-14, Coalinga.

The loss marks the Cardinals third of the season putting their record at a losing 1-3.

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