Monarch football back in the game

It was a night of firsts. Denno Daly, Vincent Pascoe and Tim Priest all made their first varsity touchdowns in last Friday's win over the Panthers. The Monarchs pulled off two safeties in one game. Just another first for the season.

Daly posted his career high with 75 rushing yards.

The Monarch's were on top of their game on Friday, Oct. 1. And in their path stood a Panther team 15 losses deep.

Corcoran didn't stand a chance as Exeter quarterback Drew Branch upped his season yards to 804 and threw his ninth touchdown of the year.

Cory Griffin put the first mark on the board with 2:43 to spare in the first quarter. He received a 14-yard pass from Branch in the endzone.

The game put Griffin at 33 catches for 498 yards in the season.

Tim Priest pushed the lead up to 14-0 early in the second quarter. He took another pass from Branch, this time throwing it from 20 yards out.

With almost 11 minutes left in the half, the Monarchs owned the second quarter.

The Panther offense struggled to keep the ball in their possession. As they tried to plow through at the beginning of the second quarter, Monarch Luis Balderas sacked Panther quarterback Jeremy Moore for a safety.

Up 16 to nil the Monarchs found their way into the endzone again. This time, Branch found Capello from 13 yards out. With their 22-0 lead, no one even noticed that the kick went wide for the point after. His only TD for the game put Capello at three for the season.

Daly was next in line to make a 27-yard run straight through the Panther's defensive line. With the game at 28-0, a second safety was in the cards for the Monarchs.

Trying to make an offensive run, the Panthers left Vicente Gomez open for a tackle. Too bad for Corcoran he was wide open in the Panther endzone when Adolfo Hernandez brought him down to bring the game to 30-0.

Josh Edmonds closed out the quarter with a 1-yard run into Corcoran's endzone at the 27 second mark.

With a 36 point lead, the Monarchs switched out their starting offense and still managed to squeeze in a few more points by the close of the third quarter.

Monarch Vincent Pascoe carried the ball one yard into the endzone with only 43 seconds to spare in the third quarter.

Their 42 point lead left no need for any more scoring as the game moved into the final quarter. The Panthers got on the board by way of a 6-yard pass to Daniel Gonzalez-Munoz with 6:43 left on the clock.

One TD was nowhere near enough to keep pace with the Monarchs who stepped off the fields with 42 points.

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