Monarch tennis finds 2 more wins

Once again for Exeter, a strong doubles match didn't stop their opponents from putting up a tough fight in the singles matches.

Recently, the Monarchs have managed to balance out their wins by dominating heavily in the doubles and pulling off a decent amount of wins in the singles. The strategy didn't work when they faced Immanuel on Sept. 28. The Eagles spread their wins across the board. The Monarchs spread their wins just a little bit thinner than Immanuel and the Eagles squeezed out a 10-8 win.

The loss makes for the Monarchs second in league play. Their first loss came by way of Dinuba on Sept. 23 when the two teams tied in wins. The point breakdown however left Exeter 2 points shy of a win. The match wrapped up at 70-73

Despite a loss to Immanuel, the Monarchs girls tennis team is still going strong. Their following two matches proved successful when they travelled to Coalinga on Sept. 30 then hosted Lindsay on Oct. 5.

The Monarch's reaffirmed their dominance when they captured 14 wins over the Horned Toads and left them with a mere four victories.

The No. 1 and No. 2 doubles teams -- Hannah Heuer and Stefanie Ford, Shea Cosart and Michelle Landers -- both went 3-0 sweeping all three rounds of doubles play.

Eva Rodriguez found the same victory as she took wins in all three rounds against Coalinga's singles matches. Her lead in each set showed no competition from the Horned Toads: 6-1, 6-0 and 6-0. Hannah LeFleur and Brittney Hager saw one loss each as they fell to Coalinga's No. 1 singles player Jenny Tamayo.

In last week's showdown with neighboring Lindsay, the Monarch's fine-tuned their winning ways and took an even bigger lead than Coalinga suffered. Taking every match in singles play, the Monarch's defeated the struggling Cardinals 15-3.

Up against Rodriguez, LeFleur and Hager, the closest the Cardinals came to a singles win were two rounds of play by Lindsay's Sara Cadena. Cadena managed to end her sets against LaFleur and Hager 6-4.

The doubles teams saw three losses at the hands of two of the Cardinals pairs. Yadira Leon and DeDe Lopez defeated Cosart and Landers in the first round, 4-6.

Cardinals Ivet Soria and Nicole Schiro

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