Monarchs fall in final minutes

The Monarchs dropped their second straight league game on Friday, Oct. 15 when they traveled to Dinuba to face the Immanuel Eagles.

The Monarchs left Herbert Field with a 13-22 frustrating loss.

In the final three minutes of the game, the Monarchs trailed by only one point. A second league win was in the Monarchs' grasp when the Eagles' Josh Mendoza made a four yard run into the Monarch endzone and tacked on a two point conversion to make it sting. One touchdown and a field goal away from a tie, the Monarchs couldn't pull off either.

The loss aside, Cory Griffin managed to receive four passes for 142 yards upping his career total to 117 receptions for 1,821 yards putting him at No. 2 all-time at Exeter Union. The team beat out Immanuel in the air with 244 yards passing. Branch even found Griffin in the third quarter of the game and connected on his 41st career touchdown pass.

But Immanuel was the obvious leader on the ground rushing for 159 yards in four quarters.

Denno Daly led the team's rushing with 67 yards on 13 carries bringing his season total to 223.

Josh Edmonds opened the scoring in Friday's game with a 2-yard run in the first five minutes.

The Monarchs held off the Eagles offense into the second quarter when Immanuel finally answered back with a 65 yard Kelyn Schellenberg pass to the Eagles' Jordan Woodward to minimize the Monarchs lead to 7-6

The Monarchs looked to widen the gap when Sam Garver made what appeared to be a 99 yard return on an Eagle's fumble when an Immanuel receiver ran into the endzone but placed the ball on the one-yard line beforehand. A confused official blew the whistle calling the ball dead on the Monarchs 1 yard line after Garver recovered and completed the 99-yard run into the Immanuel endzone.

With a recalled touchdown,

the Monarchs watched their lead slip away when Immanuel's Scott Schuil ran the ball one yard for a touchdown and Mitch Armson followed it up with a two-point conversion.

The Monarchs entered the second half trailing 7-14 but closed the gap with a 5-yard reception from Branch with 7:34 in the third quarter. Immanuel blocked the kick leaving Exeter behind 13-14.

With four of five losses on the season, the Monarchs will have to win three of four to make playoffs with a winning record.

On Friday, Oct. 22, Exeter will travel 82 miles one way to Memorial stadium in Coalinga for the first time since 1967. The Horned Toads now have 5-1 record and will face the Monarchs for the first time since 1994.

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