Cardinals close season at ESL tourney

By Andrea Camarena

"It was a fun season. We grew a lot. I learned a lot and we'll tear it up next season," said DeDe lopez after her final match for the season.

The Cardinals ended their 2004 season on Saturday, Oct. 23 at the ESL tournament at Exeter Union High School. Lopez is already thinking about next season, but for some Cardinals there won't be a next season.

Senior Nicole Schiro, played in the No. 8 doubles seed at the the tournament. After winning her first round with her partner Ivet Soria, the two had their hopes of making their third Valley appearance crushed by the Exeter Monarchs' No. 1 seeded pair. Stephanie Ford and Hannah Heuer took the second round win 4-8.

The pair went to the Valley tournament in 2003. Schiro also made an appearance at the Valley tournament in 2001. A win over Heuer and Ford would have put her there for the third time.

"I got intimidated by the fact that Immanuel was in our league," said Soria with a laugh.

Doubles player Lopez and her partner Yadira Leon also were shut down in the second round of the tournament when they lost to Immanuel 8-0.

"I knew they were going to be good," said Lopez of her second round match-up with Immanuel's Kellye Statton and Heidi Jackson. "I tried my best but they were too good for me."

The tournament followed the season closer against Orosi. The close game ended with an 8-10 win for Orosi.

"We finished the season strong like we should have. We came back strong in the end," said head coach Harvey Eng.

Freshman Laura Rivas won her first varsity match in Orosi. The freshman, first-time tennis player won a tiebreaker, 7-5 over Orosi's Prescilla Paredez.

While Lindsay dominated in the doubles games, the singles struggled, turning out only two wins against Orosi's seven.

Leon and Lopez in the No. 1 slot and Schiro and Soria in the No. 3 slot went undefeated in all three rounds for six points.

Aside from Rivas' win, the only other singles victory for the Cardinals came out of Jackie Khal's 6-4 win in the final round of play.

In total for the season, Leon and Lopez won 90 percent of their matches. They only lost to the pairs from Immanuel and Exeter.

The experienced pair of Soria and Schiro played only three doubles matches this season and went undefeated in all three.

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