By Andrea Camarena

In a turn around from last year's Orange Crate victory, the Cardinals lost on Friday night, 35-6.

The Monarchs switched to a running offense for the game moving the ball 235 yards on 36 carries and leaving the Cardinals defenseless. The Cardinals finally put themselves on the board in the fourth quarter when quarterback Abel Gamboa connected with John Salas on a 21-yard pass in the final quarter. In the last two minutes of the game, the touchdown turned away a Monarch shutout but left little room for anymore scoring.

The Cardinals struggled to gain a first down the entire game. With only 195 yards gained in the game, several holding calls on completed passes kept pushing the Cardinals back from Monarch territory. Lindsay lost 62 yards in penalties and only gained three on 19 carries.

The Monarchs opened their onslaught of scoring in the first quarter by way of a five-yard rush courtesy of Exeter's Denno Daly.

The second quarter opened with another Monarch touchdown when Exeter's Drew Branch connected with local superstar Cory Griffin on an 83 yard pass to bring the score to 14-0. The Cardinals defense held the Monarchs through the remainder of the quarter.

The Monarchs returned in the third with three more touchdowns: two receptions by Eric Capello from Drew Branch and one eight-yard run from Vincent Pascoe.

The Cardinals put away the only touchdown in the first to end the game at 35-6.

With two weeks left in league play, the Orange Crate loss puts the Cardinals in sixth place in ESL just behind the Monarchs.

Gamboa's passing is still at the top of the league with a total 1,283 yards just behind Branch's 1,535 for the season.

Anthony Gonzalez now has 355 yards receiving putting him as the second most successful receiver in the league behind Griffin.

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