By Andrea Camarena

Another season, another league title.

The Monarchs ended their ESL play last Thursday with a win over the Woodlake Tigers to put Exeter's girls at 13-1 for league. The Monarchs tied for the ESL Championship title with Immanuel who served the Monarchs their single loss for the season.

Exeter and Immanuel saw each other three time this season. Immanuel delivered the Monarchs their first loss in a pre-season tournament in Farmersville. The Monarchs came back in their first league match-up with the Eagles and took a 3-1 game win in Immanuel's home gym. The Eagles flipped the scene when they travelled to Exeter to dish out a 3-1 Eagle victory. Each team allowed only one loss on their near-perfect league records.

The Monarchs tacked on two wins to that record last week when they hosted Orosi in their final home game and travelled to Woodlake for their last ESL face-off.

Orosi brought little challenge to the court for the Monarchs who swept them in three straight games, 26-6, 25-3 and 25-9. Woodlake, however, put up a fight for the Monarchs on Thursday night. The Tigers brought a strong performance for the first game but Exeter kept them wishing for a win when they took the first game 25-17. Woodlake came up even stronger in the second and third games but still couldn't compete with brutal spikes from Tiffany Marinos and Renee Barnett. The Tigers fell two more times, 25-15 and 25-20 to give the Monarchs their 31st win for the year.

Marinos came up strong again this week leaving both the Cardinals and Tigers knees in pain. Her offensive stats have topped the Monarch roster for her final season. In the last week, she put away 28 kills, and eight serving aces. To top it off, she led the team in defense as well with 25 digs.

Barnett also put up an outstanding performance for the week with 22 kills, eight serving aces and 21 digs.

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