The Cardinals faced third place ESL team Dinuba this week for a cold 20-40 beating in the misty valley weather.

Quarterback Abel Gamboa put up the first touchdown for the Cardinals in the first quarter when he held the ball for a 15-yard touchdown run.

Gamboa passed for 265 yards on 13 completions to bring his season total to 1,749 yards.

Jorge Silva made an outstanding performance against one of the toughest competitors the Cardinals have faced this season. In the second quarter, Silva added six more points to the Cardinals' trailing score when Gamboa connected with him for a 70 yard pass run into the Emporers' endzone.

He followed it up with another amazing play in the third quarter. He completed an 80-yard pass run from Gamboa to somersault into the endzone bringing the Cardinals total up to 20. Silva totaled 169 yards recieving bringing his season total to 473 yards. The team totaled 265 yards receiving and only 37 yards rushing leaving them 20 points short of Dinuba's 40. The Cardinals (2-4) head into their final game against Immanuel (5-1) on Friday.

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