By Helen Saulsbury

What a game. This soccer game will be talked about for months.

It resembled a cross between hockey, football and rugby in soccer uniforms. Both teams knew at the start it would be a tough match. They came out aggressively. The first goal was scored by Woodlake. The Exeter girls came back in short order with Amy Noel placing a perfect goal.

The drama of the game was intensified by audible body contact, shouldering, (slide tackling) shin guards mashing. Neither side believing the referees were calling enough penalties. No cards were pulled even though many of the serious fouls were obvious. Several of the Exeter girls came off the field hurt. The lights even went down for a short period of time so there was question as to whether the game would even finish.

As the tough fought game continued, Woodlake came back with another goal. The action at the goal was incredible. The ball often vanished in the flurry of legs.

Ball passes were intercepted, the control of the ball would be regained. The crowd was on its feet, voices were growing hoarse. The crowd roared at each of the close plays, and when the goalies would snatch the ball in midair to stop a goal.

Just before the game whistle, Exeter lofted one over the Woodlake goalie to tie up the game! The referees and coaches huddled and it was decided to do two 10 minute halves in overtime to decide the winner.

Woodlake came out strong, moving the ball down field and after several plays made their goal. In the second half of the overtime, Exeter made several moves towards the goal but just not quite succeeding. Then with 3 seconds left Pricilla Santillan, with an assist from Hannah LaFleur, made a spectacular goal to tie the game up again. The Exeter fans and team were on their feet screaming!

This left the coaches with only one choice left – A shoot out. Woodlake scored a goal, Exeter scored, Woodlake missed the goal, the Woodlake goalie caught the Exeter kick. Then Woodlake scored and Exeter missed, and it was over.

Woodlake won after an overtime and shootout – 3,3 in the game and 0,1 in the shootout.

All the players should be proud of a hard fought game. Even the football team and hockey players would have been amazed at this one!

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