Hospital District donates $6,000

By Andrea Camarena

At a monthly board meeting last week, the Lindsay Hospital District aproved a $6,000 donation to the Lindsay Recreation Authority to assist in purchasing medical insurance for youth programs.

LRA Board Chairperson Guy Wollenmen expects the donation to help more than just the youth sports programs.

With total insurance costs for volleyball, basketball, baseball and softball projected at $6,091, the LRA is now able to reallocate money to other areas of its budget.

Lindsay's Teen Zone may be the needy candidate for expanded funding. Lindsay's drop-in youth center was "temporarily" shut down in December.

"How do we maintain services, programs and Teen Zone while staying in the black?" The LRA board went to work to answer this question as they worked out their budget for the 2005/2006 fiscal year.

The LRA runs and funds the Teen Zone jointly with Lindsay Unified School District, the City of Lindsay, and Healthy Kids/Healthy Lindsay. The LRA looked to their partners for funding increases as a way to reopen the Teen Zone. With all parties involved unable to assist but insistant on reopening the center, Guy Wollenman and the LRA are scrambling for alternative funding.

With their 2004-2005 funding depleting, the LRA made the decision to fully fund programs that were in high attendance. While Teen Zone served an average of 250 different participants per month (about 50 daily), youth sports programs and recreational swimming took priority over the center at 288 N. Sweet Brier Ave.

"The LRA decided to put our resources into prgrams that have the high participation, hire or appoint a Program Leader to administrate each program, and create parent volunteer advisory comittees for input and involvement," Wollenmen explained in his letter of request to the Hospital District Board dated Jan. 25.

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