By Andrea Camarena

The young Woodlake boys tennis team swung into the start of their 2005 season last week with three matches in four days.

The Tigers suffered three losses in the preseason battles but for a program that is only in its second season, there is still plenty of time and room for improvement.

The week started out with a 3-6 loss to Strathmore in Tiger territory and moved into a 0-9 blowout courtesy of Kingsburg and rounded out the week with a 2-7 match at Fowler.

Strathmore's singles players Gabe Magaria, Jose Olivera, David Chang, Chris Mandujaro and Mike Gonzalez took wins for the Spartans. Woodlake's sole single win came by way of No. 2 Jibran Ramos.

In doubles play, Woodlake came out on top with both No. 1 team of Ulmaro Cuevas and Walter Marrequin and No. 2 team of Jibran Ramos and Edgar Quezada taking wins. But Strathmore's No. 3 team of David Hernandez and Adrian Valencia took a win to bring the Spartan total to six wins over Woodlake's three.

Woodlake's captain and second year player, Jibran Ramos will battle with second year sophomore Ulmaro Cuevas for the No. 1 singles spot. Additional standout Tiger sophomores Walter Marroquina and Edgar Quezada are projected to dominate on the doubles court this season.

Rising senior, A.J. Rivie, is moving up the ranks quickly and could possibly be paired with Maroquin as the No. 1 doubles team in upcoming matches.

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